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Queensland is the film friendly, production paradise of Australia, known for its award-winning crew, cast and post-production studios, stunning and diverse natural locations, world-class studios and competitive financial incentives.

SQ offers a range of incentives and rebates for national and international projects with significant employment, economic, tourism, industry and community outcomes for Queensland.

Explore an overview of our incentives and rebates below.

Production Attraction Incentive

Production Attraction Incentive available for projects with a minimum Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE) of AUD$3.5 million, based on the overall anticipated QPE, expected number of bona fide Queensland practitioners engaged, and/or the creation of infrastructure in the state

Post, Digital and Visual Effects Attraction Incentive

Post, Digital and Visual Effects Attraction Incentive is a 10%, uncapped incentive for projects with a minimum spend of AUD$500,000 in Queensland on post-production elements.

Regional Incentive

Regional Incentive a negotiable grant up to AUD$100,000 based on regional spend and employment opportunities of the project.

State Payroll Tax Rebate

State Payroll Tax Rebate available for productions that have paid the 4.75% Queensland Payroll Tax and have spent more than AUD$3.5 million in QPE.